From finding each other during their Degree days to having a blasting marriage ceremony a few years later, Eldho and Divya have come a long way! When it came to the Outdoor Photoshoot of their lovely union, this couple who live in Europe preferred an old church from Eldho’s neighbourhood instead of an unfamiliar spot.

These PhD Researchers are perhaps the cutest couples we’ve ever shot! We always talk about how people celebrate their differences while getting married, and Potato and Tomato — as they love to call themselves — showed us what is is really about. The time we spent with them, a whole day, was nothing less than memorable and worth cherishing. Two wonderful people, united amidst their differences.

All they wanted was a place that would cherish their memories when they can look back after years. This spooky church, one of a kind we’ve seen, gives a unique feel for the shots, not to mention the true emotions we saw in them. It was a great day for us, and we wish some superb days ahead for both Eldho and Divya.

with a lot of love – Jino, Midhu with Kiyan

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