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It’s been a while since we have been thinking about starting a blog! To share with you our experiences, experiments and our world through lenses.

We knew each other before marriage and have worked together. But, things are quite different when you’re into a profession, especially to earn a living. We’d never thought that wedding photography would turn out to become our way of living. It was purely experimental per se: we created a page named ‘Jino & Midhu’, got a lot of enquiries. And, we were able to accomplish a few good photography projects during this year.

Jino and Midhu

We got new clients, met a lot of people, some of whom we cannot forget. It was after some time that we got that recognition of being husband-wife duo. In the field of wedding photography, this is extremely rare and there only a few people who do this. Both Media and our previous clients have done their best to bring us good. And, we believe good work brings good feedback, and the mouth publicity from our clients has played an undeniable role.

Being Together is perhaps the best moment one can have in life, and it’s all awesome to be with them when two different families meet together. Unlike the whole-crew wedding photography thing, this husband-wife duo seems to be quite comfortable for the families, bride, groom and everyone else.

Midhu and Jino together

From the very beginning, we wanted to travel a lot, meet a lot of people and live the life our own way — we wanted to explore the world as much as we can. Wedding photography was the best shot we’d made — it lets us travel even in our limited space, let us meet a lot of people and to earn a living. We’d tried to bring a newer outlook to wedding photography and we have almost succeeded as well.

It is common among the professional wedding photographers to have some background in photography — parents, relatives or so. They used to have at least a camera in the beginning. In our case however, we didn’t have the basic photography gear when we started. We’d to rent out equipments. Now, as we look back, it’s amazing to have enough equipments including cameras, lights, stands, lenses and what not. Plus, our infrastructure and confidence are fully fledged to fulfill a major photography project.

Our sincere gratitude is due to the clients and friends, who let us accomplish these things in a time period of 1 year, which even we didn’t expect. Without them, we wouldn’t be here, talking to you about what we did. If there is any reason why we are positive, it’s our beloved clients.

People have enough questions for us when we say we both pursued journalism degree. They ask us why don’t we go abroad, why don’t we seek a government job, why don’t we get a job in a channel or newspaper and why did we chose to be here. The single answer is — Satisfaction. We are, more than ever, satisfied with the wedding photography projects; we are able to input our creative ideas, bring good results by interacting with our clients and to earn a living. Not to mention, we have a peaceful, happy life.

Talking of Journalistic background, we do have something to say. In all our wedding photography projects, we try to give a journalistic outlook to the whole thing. We try to answer questions such as where, what, when and how, but all these are done in a newer manner. We become more and more confident when our clients call us back and tell us how much they liked the output. Just as every industry has some clichés, wedding photography is also having some, but we have tried our best to bring an out-of-the-box approach in our projects.

J&M Photography

For us, work is a bit more personal, as we like to travel a lot and explore as much as we can. Each wedding, being a lot different from one another, gives us new friends, new well wishers and a growing network. We hope the same support will be there from our beloved clients and friends. We’re quite excited about 2016, we have some photography projects in the backstage, some unseen stuff you all will love, and we would talk about all those later.

With all these, we now start a blog — to talk to you, listen what you have to say and to share what we experience.

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