With All The Warmth, from Peechi

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When Saneesh, our friend in the agricultural experiments we do in Peechi, invited us for the engagement of his sister, we were really happy. He was the one who gave us the land for our work, who helped us build our green space. The best gift we could have given to Sanitha and Sabu was capturing a few, memorable moments from the event. And, now, when we look back, those moments seem to be a gift for us too.

A quite exceptional wedding photography project we’ve done, what we did in Peechi was more than just memorable. It’s the joy of capturing the true emotions, the real life they live. It’s about being a part of everything, getting tuned into the rhythm of their normal lives. It’s their life, and the happiness of their life. The true, un-posed smiles aren’t but a mere reflection of the simple life they live. And, every wedding brings a lot of smiles together.

It was more about the relations, the friendship and the companionship between several lives. Weddings are about love not only about the cost of a lavish celebration. The common people with casual dressing and the tarpaulin shade may embarrass us, but the shade is what covers their life. Those were indeed a few moments we loved being photographers.  

Jino & Midhu

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